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Private jet on tarmac in Jersey airport under moody skies, epitomising the luxury of private aviation, protected by specialised aircraft insurance from Hepburns.

Tailored for Your Journey

Owning a private aircraft symbolises not just a mode of transport but a declaration of freedom and ambition. At Hepburns, we recognise the unique lifestyle that accompanies private aviation—a lifestyle defined by sophistication, efficiency, and unparalleled experiences. As your premier airplane insurance broker, we’re dedicated to arranging aviation insurance solutions that celebrate and protect this exceptional way of life, ensuring your journey through the skies is as seamless as your ambitions.

Tailored Aviation Insurance Solutions

Whether charting unknown skies or entrusting your prized aircraft to skilled hands, our approach transcends typical insurance offerings. We ensure the aviation insurance coverage we facilitate with leading insurers, including Lloyd’s of London, is precisely tailored to meet the unique requirements of your private aviation adventures.

As your dedicated airplane insurance broker, our role is to bridge the gap between you and bespoke insurance solutions, offering unparalleled peace of mind so you can focus on what truly matters—your journey.

Comprehensive Coverage for Unbound Skies

Our strategy in arranging aviation insurance coverage is comprehensive, ensuring every aspect of your private aviation experience is protected:

Liability Insurance

Navigate the skies with confidence, shielded against unforeseen third-party claims with robust liability coverage, meticulously arranged to meet your specific needs.

Hull Insurance

Your aircraft represents a significant investment. We arrange comprehensive aircraft insurance that ensures your aircraft remains ready for your next venture.

Aviation Hull War Insurance

In today’s unpredictable world, additional security is paramount. Our specialised war insurance coverage provides an extra layer of security against global risks, allowing you to fly with confidence.

Crew Insurance

We believe in the value of every individual who makes your flights possible. The solutions we arrange reflect our commitment to the safety and well-being of your crew, ensuring they're protected so your journeys remain seamless and secure.

Leave Risk on the Ground.

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