Found an antique in the attic?

Attics can be treasure troves, especially in old homes where one family has been the occupier for generation after generation.

When you think of attic antiques, an old vase, table, or painting might be the items that first come to mind. But there is far more than that hiding in these spaces. Toys, books, even postcards – these smaller items could surprise you and hold the most value.

To help you, when you next venture up the ladder to the attic, we have gathered our key tips and advice so you can discover how valuable your treasure could be.


General Antique Advice

Items gain value depending on how rare they are. Those that are harder to get hold of are usually the most valuable.

However, on occasion, mass-produced items can also be worth a pretty penny. Items that were once common can become rare and sought after, as the original owners didn’t keep them.

It is also worth considering sentimentality. Could your attic antiques have meaning to someone? People may be willing to pay a larger than thought sum to reminisce over a favourite toy or the first record they bought.

But the first question you need to ask is: Are your attic finds over 100 years old? If the answer is no, then they do not qualify as antiques.


A Guide to Attic Antiques

Below are some key points to help you decipher whether or not your attic findings could hold value.


Sleeves add value to records. And even if a certain record is a known collectable, the value of your copy will depend on the edition.


First editions are more valuable than later editions, and well-known authors’ debuts will be worth more than their subsequent books.

The better a book’s condition, the higher its value. However, even tatty books can have a high price tag if they are really rare. But be warned, handwritten notes or markings in the margins or inside the cover will greatly reduce its worth.


Toys will need to be in good condition to be of value. Original packaging also makes a difference.

If the toy in your attic was not the main character of the film or show it appeared in, but a sidekick or enemy, then you could be in luck. Fewer of these characters were made, thereby increasing their rarity and value.

Your old toy could further increase in value if they feature in a new TV show or film.


If your attic antiques collection consists of old car guides, you might have the golden ticket. Interesting manufacturers’ handbooks, workshop manuals and spare parts for prestige pre-war cars are all worth money to collectors.

More Treasures:

Sporting items, comics, movie posters and shed tools can all be valuable finds. Don’t give up hope – even postcards can be worth more than their weight in gold, especially if they feature one-off events in small villages.


Insure Wisely

Even if you decide to hold on to these hidden treasures, it is worth getting them valued. Many people lose money through fire or theft because their antiques have not been protected for their true value.

Do you have any cherished finds that you would like to protect? For a private and confidential conversation, contact our Private Clients team today so we can get you started on your journey to complete peace of mind.

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