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As a collector, investor, or aficionado of luxury jewellery and fashion, we understand that your collection evolves over time, necessitating more than just a standard insurance solution. At Hepburns, we delve into the unique world of collectors and enthusiasts, extending beyond typical policies to devise bespoke solutions that protect both the financial and sentimental worth of your treasured Valuables & Collections.

Tailoring Insurance to Your Treasured Collections

Whether your passion lies with fine art, vintage wines, or the glow of exquisite jewellery, your collection’s journey is distinct. Our relationship managers are committed to curating a portfolio that reflects your unique preferences and values, providing specialist jewellery insurance for engagement rings, art insurance for your prized pieces, and collectors insurance that recognises the rarity and value of your holdings.

Expert Valuations

Entrust us with the care of your valuable assets. Through our network of independent valuation experts, we assure that your coverage is as accurate as it is comprehensive. With Hepburns, your collections are not just insured; they are understood and appreciate.

Solutions we Arrange

Art Insurance

Protect your masterpieces, from emerging artists' works to established classics, with specialist policies that cover exhibition, transit, and restoration.

Collectors Insurance

From rare stamps and coins to vintage watches and martial artefacts, our tailored policies provide comprehensive coverage against accidental damage, theft, and market fluctuations.

Jewellery & Watches

Shield your precious heirlooms and everyday luxury pieces with specialist jewellery insurance for engagement rings, diamond jewellery, and luxury watches. We understand the emotional value attached to these items and offer coverage that reflects their significance.

Wine Collection Insurance

Secure your prized vintage wines with specialist policies that cover accidental damage, spoilage, and even changes in market value.

Expertise in Valuables & Collections

Our approach is holistic, prioritising your peace of mind through tailored services that reflect the true worth and emotional value of your treasures. Here’s how we stand apart:

Expert valuations

Our network of independent experts ensures accurate and comprehensive coverage for your collections.

Market-agile valuations

Rest assured your coverage adapts to market fluctuations, protecting your investment's full potential.

Dedicated relationship managers

Build a lasting partnership with a dedicated professional who understands your specific needs and provides ongoing support.

Claims assistance

If the unthinkable happens, our dedicated team will guide you through the claims process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free resolution.

High Net Worth Policies Offer Enhanced Coverage

Our High Net Worth policies provide enhanced coverage over and above a standard home policy, ensuring that in the event of an accident, you are covered for replacement, repair, or restoration, including protection against loss of value following repair or restoration.

The additional benefits included as standard are:

  • Generous Unspecified Values: Higher unspecified limits for works of fine art, jewellery, and watches.
  • Sets and Pairs Cover: Should part of a set be damaged or lost, most insurers will cover the cost of the single article, working with you to replace or restore the set to its entirety.
  • Underinsurance Protection: Understanding that the value of art can significantly increase, especially after the artist’s death, most insurers will automatically increase your cover to reflect this, alleviating any concerns about being underinsured.

Your Collection, Our Expertise

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