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Fingerprint on a digital keyboard symbolising personal cyber insurance against cyber crime and stolen identity.

Protect Your Identity and Data with Personal Cyber Insurance

In today’s interconnected world, the convenience of digital connectivity comes with significant risks. Sophisticated cybercriminals tirelessly work to breach our personal and business data. Personal Cyber Insurance offers more than just data protection—it’s about securing your peace of mind with the same diligence used to protect your physical assets.

Your Digital Safety, Our Priority

At Hepburns, your security is our top priority. The value of your online assets is immeasurable. As your cyber insurance broker, we specialise in connecting you with bespoke Personal Cyber Insurance and Stolen Identity Insurance solutions that cater specifically to your unique needs. Our approach is not about selling insurance; it’s about crafting a comprehensive shield for your digital life, with as much care and attention as you would protect your physical valuables.

Taking Steps to Protect Your Digital Lifestyle

Empowering Digital Confidence with Key Cyber Protection Benefits against Cyber Crime:

Social Engineering

Protection against the loss of funds from transferring, paying, or delivering money under false pretences.

Wire Transfer Fraud

Including push payments.

Device Restoration Costs

The cost of restoring your smart devices should they become corrupted or damaged.

Identity Theft Costs and Services

The costs and services incurred due to actual or suspected identity theft.

Reasonable Ransom Monies

Reasonable ransom monies demanded as a result of ransomware and cyber extortion.

24/7 Access to CyberScout

24-7 access to CyberScout (assistance helpline)

As brokers, we facilitate access to Individual Cyber Insurance that offers robust protection against an array of cyber threats, ensuring your Cybersecurity measures are top-notch. We tailor policies to ensure your digital peace of mind, adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape.

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