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Empathetic and Understanding

In today’s interconnected world, the spectre of cyber risks is a constant presence. A seemingly harmless click or email can trigger severe consequences for your business, such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and operational downtime. At Hepburns, we understand the complexities of digital threats. Our service extends beyond providing insurance; we offer a pathway to comprehensive protection for your online activities, acknowledging the anxiety these risks can induce.

Expert and Trustworthy

Our role as your insurance broker is to ensure you have the most robust defence against cyber threats. We facilitate access to insurance that encompasses:

  • IT Forensics Experts: Policies we arrange give you access to professionals adept at analysing cyber incidents, mitigating damage, and preparing for potential legal actions.
  • Seasoned Legal Counsel: Through the coverage we secure, you receive expert legal guidance to navigate the challenges of defending your business in the digital realm.
  • Public Relations Specialists: Also included in the coverage, these experts help manage your communications during crises, protecting your brand’s reputation.

Supporting Your Digital Assets

Incident Response Services

We arrange insurance that includes access to cybersecurity experts and forensic investigators, ensuring quick threat containment and recovery, safeguarding your reputation and financial standing.

Loss of Revenue Coverage

The coverage we secure is tailored to your business needs, offering reimbursement for lost profits and additional expenses during cyber disruptions.

Third Party Allegations

We ensure the insurance provides comprehensive legal defence, covering costs associated with attorneys, investigators, and settlements, thus protecting you from complex legal and financial challenges.

Computer System Damage

The insurance we arrange covers the costs of repairing or replacing damaged hardware, restoring software, and recovering data, quickly reinstating your IT infrastructure.

Theft of Funds

Coverage includes protection against losses from cyber fraud, such as social engineering scams and unauthorised transactions, safeguarding your finances.

Extortion Cover

We secure coverage that supports negotiations with attackers and the recovery of your data, minimising downtime and reputational impact.

Media Liability

The insurance protects against claims related to digital content, covering legal defence and potential settlements, allowing you to focus on your messaging without concern.

Payment Card Industry Cover

Breaches of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) can be costly and damaging. The coverage we secure handles the financial repercussions, including fines and remediation costs, helping you maintain your reputation.

As your insurance broker, Hepburns is dedicated to securing comprehensive cyber security risk coverage from reputable insurance companies, offering competitive premiums. We are committed to guiding you through the process of obtaining the best protection for your digital operations, fully understanding the cyber challenges you face.

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