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Protecting Your People, Powering Your Progress

At Hepburns, we recognise that your people are your most significant asset. That’s why we focus on facilitating Professional Risk solutions that do more than offer standard insurance. We work to arrange customised protections that empower your team to excel, providing them with the comprehensive support they need at every stage.

Peace of Mind for Professional Excellence

In a world where professional risks can arise at any turn, from the detailed designs of an architect to the strategic advice of a financial consultant, mistakes are a natural part of growth. However, they shouldn’t be a roadblock to your success or reputation. We specialise in arranging Professional Indemnity insurance tailored to the specific nuances of your profession, ensuring that you and your business are safeguarded against financial and reputational damage.

Here’s how we ensure your professional peace of mind:

Full Defence and Investigation

The insurance policies we arrange cover legal fees and investigation expenses, standing by you from allegation to resolution.

Financial Safeguard

In the event of claims, the arranged insurance protects your financial health, covering damages and associated costs.

Beyond Legal Battles

Coverage goes beyond courtroom disputes, including breach of confidentiality, defamation (libel and slander), and even employee dishonesty.

Outside Directorship Liability

Directorships carry responsibilities and risks. We can facilitate access to coverage that safeguards your personal assets against claims related to external directorial roles.

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Reimbursement and Mitigation

Proactive solutions are integral. The insurance can reimburse unpaid fees and support actions to minimise or prevent claim escalation, safeguarding your reputation and financial standing.

Seamless Support, Wherever Your Business Takes You

Our tailored Group Travel/Personal Accident insurance seamlessly integrates with your global workforce, safeguarding employee well-being and business continuity no matter where their journeys take them.

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Seamless Support, Wherever Your Business Takes You

The global nature of the Channel Islands economy necessitates travel, which carries its own set of risks. We facilitate Group Travel/Personal Accident insurance tailored to ensure the well-being of your employees and the continuity of your business, regardless of their location.

Protecting Your Team’s Journey

Our arranged insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your team, including:

Personal Accident

Ensuring employees are covered for accidents while on business, with options for sickness coverage.

Cancellation or Curtailment Expenses

Covering financial losses from unexpected trip disruptions, whether due to weather, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Loss or Damage to Belongings

Replacing lost or damaged baggage and personal items through the arranged insurance, easing concerns for travelling employees.

Medical Expenses

If medical treatment or hospitalisation is necessary, the arranged coverage ensures care without financial strain.

Travel Disruption

Unexpected delays and rerouting due to adverse weather are covered, including additional accommodation, transportation, and communication costs, minimising disruptions and keeping your business running smoothly.

Employee Replacement Expenses

In unforeseen circumstances like hijacking, illness, or disability, we'll not only cover the cost of returning your employee home but also sending a replacement to complete the critical business mission, ensuring continuity and efficiency.

As your insurance broker, Hepburns is committed to connecting you with trusted insurance companies, offering coverage that meets your needs at competitive premiums. We’re dedicated to navigating you through securing comprehensive protection for your professional and travel risks, understanding the unique challenges you face.

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